Music Lessons

Music Lessons

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

I teach music in English and/or Spanish to all musical levels, musical styles, ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations. I am patient, punctual, honest, caring, focused.  It is my goal as an educator to train all individuals to be self-sufficient, mindful, confident, and creative learners.

Here are some statements from students in regards to my teaching practice:

“Best guitar teacher I have had in 20 years! Kai has a very keen perception as to how to teach to me.  I have tried multiple guitar teachers over the years and none has been as successful as Kai in making me not just play the right cords but to help me understand how to develop my skills for the next level of playing.  He knows exactly what I can do, with and without him, and then is able to challenge me to take the next step in my guitar playing.  Some day, thanks to Kai, I will be playing my guitar with ease.  But for now, he is helping me enjoy the journey. thank you Kai!!”
-Lisa, J. 45 San Francisco, CA

“Kai was a great teacher! Extremely patient and helpful when things were starting to get tough. Not only was he a great teacher, he was really cool in general, very easy to talk to. He keeps the lessons fun and interesting by incorporating songs that are well known and fun as well as songs that are less well known. Kai could work with any age group because of his knowledge of modern music as well as music that some might consider to be old school.”
-Ben, M. 17 San Francisco, CA

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While the instrument most familiar to me is the guitar, I have spent several years studying piano, trumpet, voice, and bass. I am comfortable and excited about facilitating the instruction of all string, reed, brass instruments.

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